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A question for future reference:

Forgive me if this sounds silly/inhuman of me, but how exactly does one make friends in a completely new place? I had meself a goal of making friends at college during freshman year, but ended up instead being obsessively devoted to my schoolwork to the detrement of health and social life. Oops. I tried joining clubs, but my ingrained habit of being withdrawn and quiet didn't exactly allow that to work out. I tried living in special housing, but ended up having too many differences (read: didn't/don't drink and posessing a sense of value in my education) with the other people there. I don't usually speak to other people unless specifically spoken to, and even when I did manage to strike up small talk, all I ended up with was a conversation. Whee. I guess it won't be completely new when I go back this fall, but for all intensive purposes it may as well be.
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