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Question: What would YOU do if you were me?

Scenerio: Yesterday was my birthday. My boyfriend's mom gave me a $50 check that I'll probably cash today. I've been really wanting Sims 2 but my computer is just BARELY good enough to run it so you know it'll run like crap. My boyfriend (who I live with) has said I can put the game on his computer. This of course means that I'd have to get off the game whenever he wants to use his computer. Still, he's in Iraq right now and will be for another 12 days, so if I get the game soon then I will have a little time to get over the "OMG NEW GAME MUST PLAY" syndrome.

*Things to consider*
I'm saving for my own computer.
It's birthday money.
Until he gets back I spend most of my time at home on the computer and rarely even turn mine on.
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