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Just a couple of things.

1) My boss just got back from vacation, and he (well, really his wife) bought me some things. A cute straw hat, beaded necklace, and silver earrings, if you care. I want to write a thank you note, but I'm rather socially inept and am unsure of what delivery method to use.

I have his home address because of some personal stuff I did for him once when his assistant was out. However, he's rather flaky (not stupid at all, rather more of an absent-minded professor/mad scientist sort) and likely won't remember giving it to me. That might weird him out, because he'll wonder how I got his unlisted info. People around here are exceptionally paranoid about stuff like that, seems to me. I'm afraid if I give the note to him at the office, though, that he'll forget to take it home and his wife will never see it--and I know for sure that she picked out and decided to buy the gifts. What to do?

2) I want to send some chocolate chip cookies through the mail in a few weeks, from one really hot state to another really hot state. What's the best way to do that and ensure that they don't melt? I'm hoping not to spend a fortune, but if I have to splurge a tad, it's all right.

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