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Cover Letter Assistance

Dear HR Manager:

I am interested in being considered a candidate for your medical transcription positions as posted on your website. I am most interested in the position in the Medical Records department but would appreciate consideration for the other available positions, as well.

I offer excellent skills computer proficiency in both Microsoft Office products and WordPerfect products, language use including grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and fluency in medical terminology. I am a quick and eager to learn specialized software, should it be necessary.

I have had extensive exposure in working with confidential matters in a variety of my positions. I also worked at St. Vincent Hospital (now Medical City) in Worcester, MA as the secretary to the chief of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services (1996-1998) where I often transcribed for all six physicians in the department.

Thank you for your immediate consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the available position(s) in more detail.

Thanks in advance!
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