Kicker of Sandcastles (gothictiger) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kicker of Sandcastles

So I get an email yesterday that clears things up about the email issue I thought I had. There's some punk kid that has to think I'm someone I'm not. I swear I got an email from someone with the same name as me at their school's email end bit, but I guess I threw it out a while ago. They have been signing me up for stupid stuff and using my email address to make Neopets accounts. Stupid little kids like this really rather annoy me. What do you think I should do about this? I don't want my email to get filled up with spam stuff because of this stupid kid, but I'd really like to stop getting stuff because of them. I'm pondering writing a letter to their parents, as long as the one address for the city their school is in is their family address. I'm really wishing I hadn't deleted any of my emails so I could have a whole list of what was sent to me by this stupid kid.
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