·· Minerva Maharet ·· (chianagirl) wrote in thequestionclub,
·· Minerva Maharet ··

i have three related questions, if anyone is patient enough. ;)

1.) what is the first known origin of angel mythology? not the Christian definition and creation of them- i know they 'existed' long before Christianity... i just can't remember which civilization came up with them or where i saw it, and any search i try comes up with only biblical references (or those badly made poem + midi music pages). -_-

2.) what are the titles of all the choirs of angels? i thought there were seven in the Christian tradition... but the only choirs i can find names for are Seraphim and Cherubim.

3.) is there any extensive research on the mythology of Nephilim, sans extra-terrestrial influence? for some reason, all the pages i've come upon are either overwrought alien conspiracy, or mention only the scripture from Genesis, without any kinds of theory.

please and thank you very much for any help with this.
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