"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!" (soupcan) wrote in thequestionclub,
"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!"

TQC, why is it that when I wear a specific pair of black flats without socks, my feet stink like craaaazy by the end of the day? It never happens when I wear any other pair of flats.

What otherwise kind of gross physical action, for you, indicates that your relationship with your SO is totally comfortable and that there's nothing to hide anymore? That is to say, what is something that you do now in front of your SO that you would have never done when the relationship started? If you don't have an SO, think of your past.

This post question inspired by the fact that my BF is totally cool with being all gassy to the point of shaking the bed with his flatulence, and not understanding that I am not yet cool with him watching me pee.
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