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A couple hair questions

I recently cut my hair short (above shoulder) after 9 years of having long hair. Now I have no idea what to do with it. It's a simple straight cut without layers. The problem with my hair is that it's kinda big and when it's short it curls up at the end. I wouldn't mind if it looked good, but it doesn't. Some places curl inward, most curl outward and some curl up very slightly.

How do I deal with it without a straightening iron? I don't have money to spend on that, too (poor college student...). Is there a shampoo, conditioner...? I don't have really much time to blow dry it in place, and even if I do it just goes back to its wild self.


Also, I've been losing hair a LOT these past few... well past half year. Not enough for people to notice I'm going bald or anything, but still at an alarming rate.Could this be vitamin deficiency, do you recommend seeing a doctor or should I just go buy something for hair loss? No one in my family lost their hair, all of my relatives had and have their big hair in old age... 

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