naturestudies (naturestudies) wrote in thequestionclub,

movies about composers

tqc, when i was in 4th grade, we watched 3 movies about composers. if you can help me identify any of them, i'd be grateful.

movie one: was about beethoven. i think it was about a little boy that lived next to beethoven and managed to communicate with him writing in a notepad (since beethoven was deaf.) they watched some swans together at one point. i'm sure it was very heart-warming.

movie two: was about bach, i think. there was a little boy who traveled back in time, i believe, and visited bach. there was a scene where he watched bach play a pipe organ, and then for some reason some guards were chasing him and bach helped him hide.

movie three: was about mozart. i don't remember much except that mozart had a pink wig and at the end he got drunk and sick.
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