goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bob Dammit.

What was the start of people using "Bob" for "God"? I hear it in such a wide variety of places that it has made me wonder if it is some pop culture reference or something that I missed out on. I don't remember ever hearing it six months ago, now everybody says it.

I looked it up on but it doesn't explain how or why it started.

Do YOU ever say "Thank Bob"?

And while I'm here, I'll jump on the "woe is me" bandwagon. My boyfriend flies out today to go visit his kids. I hate when he goes only because I'm not part of it. I feel left out, like he has a family there that is separate from his life here. How can I keep myself from being sad about it, when realistically I know it's something I should be happy for him about?
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