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What do you think is the best way to handle this situation?

Situation: I live in an apartment complex where each apartment has 2 assigned spots that are painted with the number of the apartment on the actual spot, they are labeled in yellow. My neighbor on one side of me rarely uses both of her spots, I use both of mine sometimes (only in the summer, my other 2 roommates have moved home), and my neighbor on the other side always fills both of her's/theirs. I don't mind if someone parks in my spot but don't take my primary or both of them. Tonight I return home to find out that both of my spots are taken, my neighbor who uses one of them has miraculously sprouted a friend (sarcasm), and sure enough the other neighbors have both of theirs filled. I walk up to my neighbor's house and say, "not to be a bitch but someone needs to move their car." She says, "what?" Then tells her friend to move his car after I point to my full parking spots and empty house. She just closes the door and walks away. I'm pissed, I'm sick of her friends being in my spot(s) (the visitor spots are about 5 down) and now she doesn't care.

I don't like being confrontational and I've already talked to the office. They told me to just bypass her and tell them, they will deal with it. I'm seriously debating this option because of her actions tonight. She knows that she only has 2 parking spots, I have 2, everyone has 2. I know it's rude to not talk to your neighbor about a problem but I tried tonight and she just blew me off, told her friend to move their car, and walked away. No apology, nothing.

So, what should I do?
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