goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

six unrelated boring questions.

1. To those who've been pregnant: What were the early stages like for you? Any changes physically or emotionally in the first few weeks or months? Soreness, cramps, tiredness, eating more or less, breakouts, anything? Do you pee more in the early stages or is it only when the baby is weighing on your bladder?
(Disclaimer: I'm not asking for comparative reasons, it just randomly crossed my mind.)

2. Do you find it annoying when a user (not the original poster) leaves a number of comments within one entry? As in, commenting to a handful of other comments?

3. Do you find it annoying when the original poster replies to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that they get? Especially with 90% of them sounding like empty thoughtless responses, or even robotically responding similarly to every comment?

4. I know there are products to de-scratch CDs, but are there products to de-scratch eyeglasses? Mine got scratched up a little (noticably) around the edges and I don't have the insurance to get a new pair. er.

5. Why do I make it so hard for myself to get to bed when I don't need to get up the next day? How can I encourage myself to keep a consistent sleep schedule?

6. I need to update my portfolio but I lost the rest of the blank pages that came in it... should I buy a new portfolio so I can add the 3-5 new peices in, or should I just take 3-5 of my not-so-amazing pieces out and replace them? Right now, the latter sounds like the better idea, unless someone convinces me of otherwise.
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