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long work/law/unemployment questions

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ok, the background: a korean couple recently took over the lodge i have worked at for the past year. the language barrier (they speak english, but their accents and lack of understanding of some english keep things from running smoothly) as well as really poor business knowledge has made it so that the other main worker there and i basically have been getting them on their feet without the needed experience to do so. the husband, "j" thinks he will get away with only having two maids all summer, with them working the entire month of july - 7 days a week, 10 hours days. little does he know that, from my experience there, i know that he will need at least 6 maids, two desk workers, and 1 laundry person. if he's lucky. i'll save you from the rest of the insanity of his busniess practices and total lack of knowledge as to how to run that place.

it's a bit slow lately, and i'm only available part time, to he decided to lay me off (with about 12 hours of notice) and only keep the one other woman there. very stupid of him. now he's screwed when the lodge gets the summer rush. anyhow, i couldn't understand all of what he was saying, but basically, his son is coming into town tomorrow, so he won't be needing me anymore. i think his son is going to help out at their resturant so "j" can work at the desk. i think he's being cheap and trying to have as few employees as possible. he told us he won't pay overtime, and the thing is, in alaska, with 3 or fewer employees you don't have to. so i think he's trying to keep that "legal." but it's still not, because... he paid us under the table. i was supposed to be getting my first paycheck on the 5th, but today he handed me cash after laying me off, and i saw the other two employees' cards saying they had been paid in cash as well.

1 - is it considered nepotism to lay me off because his son gets an automatic job at the resturant (seperate business)? i don't know how i could prove it, but it seems i'm deserving of compensation when i get laid off because his son is in town.

2 - i have my own business and am building a house, so i would not be "able and available" to look for/accept full time work. this means i am not eligible to collect unemployment. my business does not bring in the income i need right now to pay my bills, which is why i was working the other job. is there any way i could still collect any unemployment?

3 - can i get in trouble for accepting payment under the table, if i report it on monday? i didn't want to not get my money, but i don't want him to get away with his insane business practices either. i think i can count on having the word of the other women there to back me up.

4 - who/where do i go to to report the way he is paying us and the fact that i was laid off because he wants his son to work for him? i can't really prove the nepotism thing but... i just don't want him to get away with all of this.

thanks in advance!
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