She appears composed, so she is, I suppose. (stacyinthecity) wrote in thequestionclub,
She appears composed, so she is, I suppose.

Songs about place names


I like making mixes, and I want to make a mix about places.


Alaska (Fairbanks, in particular, but anywhere)
Portland, OR (or Washington State, or the pacific NW in general)
Boise, ID (or Idaho in general)
Tucson, AZ (or Arizona/desert in general)
Abilene, TX (Texas or west TX ok)
New York City (metro area ok)

What songs should I check out? I am particularly fond of melodic stuff, like powerpop, indie pop/rock,, folk, and the more melodic emo. BUT, throw it out there, even if it isn't that kind of stuff because I can always listen to samples and decide for myself. Throw in a quick description of the sound if you like, to help me out.

Soo.... suggestions?

Muchas gracias!
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