(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, time to throw out a real tough question... I Googled this and I think I'm good at finding anything, so hopefully someone here is already knowledegable on the subject and will need much less effort to find this info.

Does anyone know or can anyone find when Johnny Todd and Ethel Azama were born, and when Ethel Azama died? They are both prominent jazz musicians (he's a pianist and she's a singer) from Hawaii who met while working in Australia and were married. I can find pretty much everything they've ever performed on and information for their careers, but not basic biographical information. I know Johnny Todd is from Australia, and Ethel Azama was from Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Ooh, and another I am suddenly reminded of... there seemed to be a couple holes in the plot of the movie adaptation, so maybe if someone has read the book... Can anyone explain exactly how the story is supposed to work in Field of Dreams?
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