Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in thequestionclub,
Was I in it?

Something is odd about this Les Miz contest

So, a local TV station is holding a contest to win tickets to the musical Les Misérables.

How can it be that in the same page of rules about the same contest, they say you can enter via internet and postal mail, but that:

10 winners will be selected at random on or about June 6, 2005 from all valid internet entries received.

Does that mean they’re going to ignore all postal entries?

And if:

Entries must be submitted and received by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) June 10, 2005

Then what happens between June 6 and 10? Those are the “null” entries?

I’ve actually won tickets through contests at this station before, so I figure it can’t be too fishy. But still...
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