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I think I may have a minor problem (?), and was wondering if any of you might know anything about it.

There's one sound that I absolutely can't stand-- it actually has a physical effect on me.

Probably the best-known example would be in Star Wars III, when Yoda is fighting Palpatine, right? And he's about to fall off the edge of one of the things. He's trying to grab on, but he starts slipping, and then his fingernails scratch the surface, and it makes that noise.

It's also the noise that you'd hear when a sharp ring grates against the chalkboard the wrong way (That happens too often. =/), or when a fork/knife grates against china.

Whenever I hear that noise, my body goes into involuntary... I guess you could call them spasms, though they're not really that. I start gasping, and that leads to me trying to curl up. In the theater when I heard it, I started gasping and literally couldn't stop for at least 20 seconds (damn speakers)-- I had to hold myself to keep quiet.

The problem is, even thinking about the sound too often will make me start gasping again. If I start talking to someone about it, I'll start it, and they'll look at me as if I were nuts.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I find it weird that a sound could provoke such a weird reaction. It started with the fork/knife against china sound about a year and a half ago, but it's happening more often. Any similar experiences?
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