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She won't put the bottle down...

Suppose you have this friend. Let's call her Fred. Fred has had some shitty stuff go down over the last year and she's not coping with it very well. Now let's say that you and your friend (let's call her Bob) have been trying to help Fred. Fred lives on the other side of the country. You and Bob have been sending Fred telephone numbers and web-sites for free assistance since she doesn't have health insurance. She won't call, she won't even look at the web-sites. Instead, Fred goes down to the corner store and buys a bottle of rum.

You went to visit Fred a while ago and while she was passed out on the floor, you took the bottles of rum and poured them down the drain. (Never fear, there were only about two to three shots left in these massive Costco sized bottles.) She had admitted to you earlier that night that she was afraid of becoming an alcoholic and wanted to quit drinking, then snuck off to the bathroom and downed a few shots of rum. When she woke up, she thanked you for getting rid of the stuff and promised not to drink the pain away anymore.

Two days after you've gone home, Bob gets a call from Fred and she's toasted again. She told Bob that she stopped on the way home from dropping you off at the station to get some more booze and has been in a stupor pretty much ever since.

You and Bob are at the end of your proverbial ropes. You don't know what else to do. While you want to just throw your hands up and walk away, the three of you have been friends for going on 14 years now and you can't bring yourself to throw that away.

Do you and Bob get together and tell Fred that she needs to sober up or lose the both of you - giving her a chance to clean up - or do you just cut off contact altogether, even though you know that walking out would just cause her more pain?
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