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This girl and I were friends (friends being used kind of loosely here, we were close but only because we ran with the same crowd and most of our 'friendship' was spent with me secretly hating her and I'm fairly certain it was mutual.) for about two years. We hung out around her house a lot because mine was always full of people, so because of that I got to know her older brother. He and I became good friends and ended up having a lot more in common and a lot more fun together than I ever had with her. We started (finally) to drift apart. This was partially because I hung out with her brother more and more and that she started driving without a license/smoking dope/sneaking out/dating guys twice her age/etc more and more. She bitched a lot about how much time I spent with him, but I usually just shut it out. Eventually it came to the point to where her brother and I were dating, she found out and cried at me/threatened me/yelled at me for about an hour and a half. This brings us to the point we're at now-

Her being a total bitch about it...turning their family against me, breaking my air conditioner (we live in Florida), spreading false rumors about me, threatening to kick my ass...

I just want to break it off with her so that we're civil. I have no interest in friendship anymore. I am at a total loss for what to do here.
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