Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, I live in a frat house. so my 'apartment' is one room.

Where in this one room are my workpants hiding?
I know they're here. I remember taking them off yesterday. the shirt I was wearing is in the laundry bag, the pants are not.
the pants are not anywhere.

Edit! found them thirty seconds later. was going to stand on a chair to see if maybe they were on a shelf, took cookie sheet off chair, and there were my pants! hurrah.

new question: I walk by a catholic church on my way to the bus stop. There's a statue of the virgin mary(I'd assume, anyway). someone put a flower by her feet, so I was looking... and there was something between her feet. and then it seems to go behind her left foot and re-emerge on the other side, traveling up into the folds of her clothing, almost like a tail of some sort. but it's the same thickness all the way, and it has this sort of loose scaly look to it. What the hell is that?
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