just call me johnny antipasto! (adolwyn) wrote in thequestionclub,
just call me johnny antipasto!

Laptop buying questions.

I'm going to be getting a new laptop fairly soon, but I have a few questions for all you smart questionclub people. :)

Where's the best place in terms of technical quality to buy a laptop?

I'm not in the market for a value laptop at all, and I want to buy something that will last me for a while as well as power all my various photo editing and manipulation apps (most frequently Photoshop and Illustrator) without hanging/slowing down.

I've always had Dell for my desktops, but I'm not sure if there's a more technically proficient/better building place than Dell. Anything in particular I should know before I buy the laptop? Hardware I should make sure I have? Particularly good configurations? Anything?

Also - what are the placed you've heard of to absolutely stay away from?

Thank you! :)
Tags: shopping, the internet
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