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1) Okay. In advance. --> I'm sorry. SORRY. Because this is a STUPID QUESTION because it has been asked MANY times before but since it was never pertinent to my situation I've never paid attention to the replies before.

What's the link to the tool that can change all my journal entries to FO or private at once? *blush* I can't find it. I've tried lj_nifty and googling for "lj tools" and I've went back a few months here but I dun see it.

2) Oh and for another question, I've been reading Hellsing manga comic books. And I'm a little confused. There's these odd symbols and hashmarks all over the book and I can't figure out what they mean, different on every page. Are the symbols Japanese words that couldn't be changed? Do they symbolize sounds, or a certain movement or anything? Are they something manga-specific that I don't know about?

(You'd probably have to have read the comic to know what I'm talking about because I'm aware that's not a good description)...

EDIT: aha here's some links of said "symbols", in the bottom frame
Tags: books, lj culture
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