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Faces of the Nation Online Database

I am interested in finding out more information about the Faces of the Nation Online Database. I am an avid Cold Case Files fan and the Faces of the Nation Database was mentioned on one a recent episode.
From what I understand, it is a database that tracks all kinds of records. On the show, they talked about how people could be tracked when they buy a pizza or pick up their dry cleaning. Any time you give your personal information to a retailer or business, it goes into this database.
Briefly, here's the deal. My niece and nephew have been missing for almost 2 months now. Their mother stole them. She does not have custody of them. She is likely using a fake id for a lot of things and can probably get under the radar most of the time but I am wondering if she might be in this database.
I need to know where I can find it online. Who can use it? How much does it cost?
Any information would be appreciated. I have tried google and keep coming up with bits of information about it and nothing more. I suspect that you have to be in Law Enforcement or a similar profession to get access. I don't know though. Maybe you would just need a membership.
If anyone knows anything about Faces of the Nation, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: shopping, the internet
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