Sonata (sonata_ix) wrote in thequestionclub,

A computer problem

Hello! michisis suggested I try asking this here. There must be techies lurking within. :)

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP Home to XP Professional, but now my sound is screwy. It kinda...stutters. My computer has just been slower over all, but the only reason it really bothers me is because of the sound. I usually have music playing constantly, but now every time I click to another window, open the Start menu, etc. etc. my sound goes haywire. Even the startup sound (which is still the default) doesn't play properly!

Most advice I've gotten so far (from shippo, no less) is to just reinstall XP Pro from scratch, but I've got an awful lot of files and no easy way to back them up, and if I could just find some way to keep the sound working then I would be just fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Solved. :) Or at least, solved enough for me. Yay! Thanks to all.
Tags: computers
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