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So. The people above me in our apartment complex have a 3ish year old kid. There are days when he runs up and down the halls for hours on end. There are days where it sounds like someone is just doing random somersaults non stop in the living room. Lots of random loud banging (presumably the kid falling over), some REALLY loud bangs (although few). It happens basically every single evening. Usually starts around 4. Ends around 7. I started having enough of it and banging on the ceiling when its been going on forever. Just today I banged and they banged back, and the girl came to my door. She said its her son and shes not going to tell him to stop playing.
I said well sometimes I have a headache, or I'm trying to SLEEP, and I can't, and its very very aggravating. She said her husbands a cop and she knows she doesnt have to be quiet until 10.
My apartment SHAKES because of this stupid little boy running non stop up there! She told me he was playing basketball. Basketball? Go play fucking basketball outside! Anyway, you can see how mad this gets me. It wouldnt be as angering if it STOPPED after ten minutes, but it goes on forever.

So I phoned landlord, she says for me to write a note. Where do I start? Are there any examples of noise complaint notes? I fear I'm just going to go off on tangents and sound ridiculous, cuz theres so much I want to say, like, she told me the tenants before her always banged on the ceiling too. I didnt tell the landlord that on the phone (the landlord said that there were no noise complaints for them before, so I wish I had told her that the girl above me said herself that they always banged on their ceiling, so she would know that they were annoyed by this too.... but is this appropriate to write in the letter?).

Anyway, question remains are there any examples of noise complaint notes out there, or can you suggest what I should say in one?
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