Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles (counterfeitfake) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles


I have had my phone for a year. It started shitty and it's starting to get shittier. This pisses me off.

I want a phone that:
- Is durable
- Has good voice quality
- Probably has a little camera but this is not very important
- I guess it has to be GSM or something, I don't really know
- But it has to take one of those little SIM chips
- Is Nokia

I do not need a phone that:
- Plays music
- Shoots video
- Does anything fancy like surfing teh tubes or anything
- Breaks
- Sucks

What phone do I want?

Update: So I don't care if it can do fancy shit as long as it doesn't get in the way of performing the very useful task of talking to other people.
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