Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

Too much to ask?

So Friday night my sister hit a deer....apparently the ninth time was a charm and she screwed up her car pretty bad. It still runs, but it needs a few things replaced before she can drive it again.

She has a 32 mile round trip to and from work....

Joe and I have 2 cars. I go on maternity leave in 2 last day is the 28th. We were planning on letting her drive our Cavalier until she got hers up and running.

But she can't manage to coordinate rides until then...So we were going to go ahead and let her take the Cavalier this Thursday and Joe was going to get a ride to work with one of his co-workers.

He was talking with the co-worker who was going to pick him up in the mornings and she brought up the fact that Joe would have no way to Carbondale (where I work and where our hospital is) if I go into labor while he's at work..

So we talked about it, and at first he was going to borrow his dad's car. Well, Adam is using Jack's that doesn't work. My sister offered to come get him from Carbondale (that's where she works too) and bring him back...only that would take a long an no. I'm not cool with that and neither is Joe.

So I call her back to see if the next 2 weeks she could get her 2 days off during the week..just Monday-Thursday. That way there's just a 50/50 chance of her being at work if I need Joe. If she's not at work she could get Joe and bring him over. He works in Marion and she lives in Marion.

So when I ask her if it would be possible for her to do that...she got pissed and hung up on me! I didn't think it would be too difficult for her to do it...especially since she makes the freaking schedule at work.

We're going out of our way to help her out and she's being a jerk about it. We were going to let her use it until she got her car fixed or Feb 1..whichever came first.

Am I asking too much? Or what?

Edited to add: Joe is the husband...Jack is the father-in-law...Adam is the brother..

So..if you don't care about that....
What did you have for lunch today?
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