be gentle (treesits) wrote in thequestionclub,
be gentle

will you brag about someone you love that has mad skills? 

edit: hey zeus! we know some amazing people.... and who would have thought seanseansean had a giant penis?

my siblings!:
Older sister is a captain in the army and goes around North America teaching others how to teach outdoor survival skills. She also teaches abseiling/rappelling, canoeing, ice climbing, etc. Her husband teaches some of those things, and biathlon. He is an adventure racer and the next race is called the Canadian Death Race. Their entire basement is full of gear, and they have know more about water bottles than the people that make them.
My younger sister has journalism diploma and has just begun apprenticing with an electrician. She is also contracted out by National Defense for taking cadets on excursions and runs a unit in the summer at a cadet army camp. 
Like everyone else in the family, my bro helps out in outdoor adventure skills for a scout troop. He taught me how to love hugs :). 

non-sibling: my love- He has just patented a new guitar pedal and has a long waiting list of buyers. :)


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