Pope Gaius Disaster (wu_chan) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pope Gaius Disaster

My boyfriend and I own a house. We live in it, and we also rent it out. To a bunch of people. One of whom, B, is very awkward and boring and racist and convinced that the gays are stealing his rights. ANYWAY. Yesterday we had a minor conflict between him and some other roommates regarding shared spaces, (the girls on the main floor basically don't want him using their bathroom, he wants to keep using their bathroom.) My boyfriend mostly mediated the conflict and I just said a couple of things. B got more angry than I have ever seen him and then stormed off and wrote my boyfriend an email saying he was totally pissed, he was being discriminated against, and that I should stay out of it because it's not my place.

Naturally, there is absolutely no reason my boyfriend had any more right to have a say in the matter than I do. We're equal owners of this house. He was pretty pissed actually, that B was being so dismissive and not respecting my authority.

So, TQC, what can I do to make this guy feel like an asshole? My first thought was that I should take over rent collection, so he has to feel like a loser when he hands over his rent money to a lowly girl who is ten years younger than him. And then I realized he paid in advance (scholarships) and he's not due again until February.

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