Kellie (efiltaeluri) wrote in thequestionclub,

alright. for some reason, i am a total internet moron when it comes to chacha.

over the summer, i did the training and started testing to be a guide, but gave up after a little bit. is it just me, or does the whole shebang seem like a ton of information and terms that are almost unnecessary to know?

anyhow, now i'd like to be an expeditor, and i'm kind of lost. do i have to a readiness test for this, also? if so, will i get an email or something to let me know that i've passed and now can start makin dollaz?

also, i sort of hate when they send me questions that i have to answer, like a general chacha worker. is there any way for that not to happen without getting in trouble for rejecting or passing a question?

why does this chacha business read like a manual of how to assemble a car? it's so complicated!
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