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Military Question

I'm doing NaNoWriMo. I'm writing about a guy in the army for the country he's in. It's a fantasy setting, so it's not a specific army or anything (in fact they fight with magical animals, but I digress).

I was wondering what people in military service do during the days in a time of peace. Or, even better, what do soldiers do in a time for peace but war is on the horizon (i.e. it's pretty much 100% likely that the country will declare war tomorrow)? What training happens? Or are they just allowed to do anything and just go work out all day or something? I'm not sure. TIA :3

Also, if you don't care about the military, I have a red dry erase marker, I have class in 8 minutes (12PM EST) in a room with a chalkboard. What should I do with it (the marker, not the chalkboard)?
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