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Were you ever a victim or a hiring prejudice? I'm talking not only about "we don't hire people of you race/believe" but also "it us a job for a man/woman what are you doing here" or even "you are blond, are you really smart enough for this".

How did it work out in the end?

I run into this once. When looking for a job as a programmer I waited for several days for my final interview in a big company. On the day of my interview a guy walked in ahead of me. We talked a bit while we waited and he had less experience that I did and was younger. He got the job. When I asked "why", I was told that it wasn't a girls job and they wanted someone real.

It hurt then but now I'm not really upset. If I got that job I would have missed out my current one. It is closer to my home, better payed and they have nothing against girls there.
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