Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, furry lint to furry lint

A rich man approaches you and is says that he has an unusual sense of humor and he'd like to make you an offer. Whenever you die, whatever day in whatever year that is, he would like to see you buried in a furry costume. The costume will be of a sexy cow with enormous obscene udders. You'd be laid in the casket and all in attendance of your funeral will probably assume the worst, and you'll be buried in that outfit. You'll probably outlive him, so if you agree to put this clause in your will, his estate will make sure that his wishes are enforced and secretly recorded. As incentive for such a thing, he'll pay you $15,000 now and he'll pay for all your funeral/casket costs, so your family won't have to. He'll have his best lawyers write up the contract and it'll be ironclad and unable to be broken once you sign. Do you sign it?

Yes. I'll take the money. I won't care what I'm buried in. I'm dead
Yes. It'll be utterly embarrassing and horrible to go out like that, but hopefully I'll outlive most of my loved ones. I need the money now
No. It's just to weird and wrong. I want my funeral to have dignity and I want people to remember me for good things, not presume I had a whole creepy secret life

You manage to talk some sense into him and he's willing to give you a second deal, if you didn't like the first. For $5,000 up front now, you'll be buried, inexplicably, in a Darth Vader costume. All other aspects of the deal remain the same, just that the money given and the costume worn are different. Would you rather do this deal?

Yes. Significantly less embarrassing than being the heifer Dolly Parton, the late furry
No. I'd rather have the first deal. More money
I'd rather have none. Bury me in my favorite outfit and with a manner of dignity, please
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