holleratyogirl8 (holleratyogirl8) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need advice

it's DRAMA but i need help. and it's not about the election.

A couple months ago, I got really drunk at a party and made out with this guy I've known for a while. We used to work together, but at the time I was working at a different location of the same company (still am).

A few people found out about it over the last couple months, and caused some drama, and for his professional image (he is a supervisor) I agreed to say nothing happened.

Well, last week I found out that he was still with his girlfriend at the time, although he told me he wasn't. His girlfriend is best friends with my direct supervisor, so he was afraid I would mention it to my supervisor and it would get back to her. He decided to protect himself, to tell his girlfriend about what i was "making up" incase I said anything, because I was "crazy about him" and a liar.

So my supervisor asked me, off the clock, if anything did happen because she knows I'd have no reason to lie about it. My conscience broke in and after finding out all of the other horrible things he's done to his girlfriend, I told her yeah, it did happen - it wasn't a big deal to me but. I ended up talking to his girlfriend on the phone, and she of course was upset but just wanted to ask me what happened because he's been lying to her about a lot of things. She thanked me for my integrity and broke up with him.

I have her support (she is a high up manager at another store), and my supervisor's support. However the guy is now threatening to "get me fired".

What did happen was 3 months ago, was off the clock, and the only proof of it is a picture with my face blacked out. We work at different locations and haven't worked at the same store in 6 months.

So TQC, What can he actually do and what can I do to protect myself?
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