Melissa (shechoselove) wrote in thequestionclub,

What advice would you offer this girl? Do you think she's being ridiculous/overreacting?

Okay I need a little TEXT reading help.

I like this guy, and weve hung out a few times. Once we talked until like 5 AM. Hes asked me to be his girlfriend but then we decided to not rush into things. And we have a date planned this saturday.

So I decided to text him, telling him how I feel, because i just couldnt live in "well does he want to commit or not?" limbo

I texted, "I really like you :)."
And he texted this exactly, "Ditto lol"

Wtf? "ditto"? What the hell is that. Wouldnt a real man say, "i really like you too." Or something like that? And even worse he ends it with "lol" like its a joke. Really? Sir, really?

So is this a joke to him? Did i make him uncomfortable? Is he immature? Was that a nice way of saying "yea i dont really like you the same way." Please tell me what you all think.
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