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Difficult Question

I live in the L.A. and being here, one occasionally encounters people who are on TV or in movies. (Why is one "on" TV, while one is "in" movies? A little sub-question!) Usually, I know them right off the bat, because I make it a point to learn the names of actors who are really unusual. But I've spotted an actor who has me completely stymied!

And the worst part is, I can't name any movies or TV shows with which he is associated.

I can offer description only...

- He is British (or possibly Australian)
- His fame peaked in the mid to late 80's
- He played a lot of bad guys... never the main bad guy, but the bad guy lieutenant.
- He often had a "New Wave" feel to him. He'd wear a leather jacket, but with like a net T-shirt. He'd have a feather earring, or something really goody on.
- He has black spiky hair (in the movies, he's gone grey in person)
- He has a high forehead with no widow's peak.
- He has a heavily lined face with a wide mouth like Willem Dafoe.
- In fact, I'd say he's a British version of Willem Dafoe.
- Ah! Willem Dafoe meets Adam Ant!
- He looks a little like a gruff Adam Ant with spiky hair.

- He was in a lot of goofy thriller movies in the 80's. Lower Budget/Straight to video/Showtime at 3 AM, but you sneak downstairs because it said, Language/Violence/Nudity in the little booklet.

Just throw out anything at all. Any and all leads will be appreciated! Even if you can think of something along lines of "I think I know what you're talking about ... I think I saw him in a movie with ummm, uhhh, Kim Catrall. Something like that will help immensely, because right now, I got nuthin'.
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