Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

Where is it!?!?

If you were my Nintendo DS, where would you be!?

I usually keep it in my purse because I play it at work while I'm on break (when I get a break).

It isn't in my purse! It isn't in my desk, on my desk, or under my desk. It isn't in my car.

So I thought maybe it fell out of my purse at home. I keep my purse in either the living room or the I looked...and as of right now...I'm not finding it. :(

I'm wondering if it possibly got stolen at the store one day...even though if I'm not with my purse when it is in the cart my husband is....

I am 99% sure no one at work would take it.


Sigh...I miss my DS. If it is gone for good...what color should I get to replace it? I have/had the black one. The husband has the white one...
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