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Hiya folks, just a couple of questions in need of answers.
1. Tomorrow morning, I'm having all my wisdom teef yanked out (at age 18). Whoopee. Question: a) how much can I expect this to hurt (I'm getting painkillers), and b) how soon would I be able to go back to/start work comfortably without making the oh-so-lovely first impression whilst being drugged up on pain meds and sporting wads of gauze in my mouth?
2. An, erm, relatively invisible disability(?) of mine has the annoying habit of becoming GLARINGLY obvious in certain situations (like attempting to get along with others in a professional manner). However, i'm not even really sure whether or not it really counts as a disability as far as the rest of the world is concerned (learning disability), and I'm even less sure about if I should even check the (disabled) box in the equal opportunity employment section on this here job application or if that would be an insult to those who have it far worse than myself. I'm most likely not going to check the box, but I don't know if I should let potential employers know about it in some other way so that they understand that I'm not really nearly as irresponsible or absent-minded or what have you as I may seem to be. Opinions/advice?
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