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EDIT to clear up wording:
EDIT to change "tea cup" to "miniature"
ETA no Canadians need to reply about Thanksgiving being a month ago! :p~~~

What's your favorite
inbred dog? (yes technically they all are but I mean extremes of "purebred" here) pedigreed extreme dog, such as super elongated like Dachshund, super wrinkley like Shar Pei, or super small like tea cup MINIATURE Poodles. (Technically all pedigreed dogs are inbred to keep certain features and expand on them over a "breeding program". This is how you go from something with clean lines like wild dogs/wolves to critters like a Pug. When dogs breed on their own they tend to go back to a more "original" form.)
As a hound lover I have to choose dachshunds and bassets as the best IMHO.

Thanksgiving! Whatcha doin' for it?
Already got my icon fixed up! You can thank twystedfate. Decorating with turkey items we've crafted of colored paper and Popsicle sticks. Staying home and having the requisite meal. Baked chicken, snack bowl (mixed nuts, pomegranates, etc), green beans, mashed potatoes and probably hot spicy tea. Breakfast that day will be pumpkin pie as per usual.

We just had giant fresh hot pretzels at the mall after I voted. What's your favorite pretz?
I like plain, salted and cinnamon best. Although I have had whole wheat and liked it.

After voting I asked where was my special thingie for voting, like sticker or wot. The old guy said they didn't have those this year, all the extra cash went to the bail out. HA! He peeked at my vote too the rascal.
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