ash (altiloquent) wrote in thequestionclub,

i, for reasons that are getting harder to remember, am still a member of ask_me_anything. their mod of ultimate doucheitude has decided to gibberish-ize my comments as ~punishment~ for calling someone a cunt.

this is making me lol pretty hard and keeping me from thinking about the possibility that proposition 8 will pass in california and i will be told by my state constitution that i cannot marry my girlfriend because we have the same kind of genitals.

are you spending your day thinking about the election? or are you trying to distract yourself as much as possible? if you are distracting yourself, are you avoiding the issue out of worry? or just because you are sick as hell of hearing about it?

for non-americans and those who are sick of election talk (sorry for contributing to it! i am pretty sick of it too!) what is your very favorite thing to cook? is it something simple or do you like to do something complicated? baking counts!
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