could i have been a dancing nancy? (dummydork) wrote in thequestionclub,
could i have been a dancing nancy?

MY QUESTION: it would be greatly appreciated if some one would at least TRY to help me out with part of my homework for "personality theory". basically, the teacher handed out a packet of personality tests, and they were all really easy (for instance - i just had to agree or disagree with statements about myself), but this one is a bit tricky!


Instructions: In this test you are presented with three words and asked to find a fourth word which is related to all three. Write this word in the space to the right.

For example, what word do you think is related to these three?

paint doll cat __________

The answer in this case is "house": HOUSE paint, doll HOUSE, and HOUSE cat.

1) call pay line

2) end burning blue

3) man hot sure

4) stick hair ball

5) blue cake cottage --> i got this one: "cheese"

6) man wheel high

7) motion poke down --> "slow"

8) stool powder ball

9) line birthday surprise --> i said "party" but i'm not quite sure what a party line is.

10) wood liquor luck --> marcia got this one: hard

11) house village golf

12) plan show walker

13) key wall precious

14) bell iron tender --> "bar"

15) water pen soda

16) base snow dance

17) steady kart slow

18) up book charge

19) tin writer my

20) leg arm person

21) weight pipe pencil

22) spin tip shape

23) sharp thumb tie --> "tack"

24) out band night

25) cool house fat

26) back short light

27) man order air

28) bath up gum --> "bubble", although i don't know what "bubble up" is.

29) ball out jack

30) up deep rear --> "end"?
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