Beth (happydaysfan) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok here are some relationship/Love type questions

How many of you have gone a long time with out being in a relationship? If so how long was it?

I ask because I didnt really date much in HS(I was really busy and just wastn into dating, not to say I did not have crushes I just had no real desire to date) but from the ages of 18-23 I dated a lot(some were very, very short term. I had my share of random drunken hookups(Hookups being making out NOT one night stands) and I had actual relationships(my longest was almost 18 months)

but I have not really dated anyone in 3yrs. I have been on dates but the longest i've stayed with anyone was 1 month.

I try not to be picky and I'm open minded and dont have a look or type that I go for--but I've had no connections or sparks with guys I've been with(and some of them have been just plain stupid--there is no other way to put it)

I just have this fear of never finding anyone.

And if you are a guy and you met someone who had not been in a relationship for a long period of time, would you be wary to date them or think there was something wrong with them??
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