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career awards of america.... hmmm

Has anybody ever heard of a company called Career Awards of America?

I was looking for a job in the paper, and I came across this:

"SALES. Make your money now! Must be 18+, free to travel, fun co-ed sales crew. 4 weeks paid training, transportation provided. "Good attitude, road rules."

I was curious, so I called the number. This is what they told me: It is a full-time travel job, going around the country, selling magazine subscriptions and other random crap door-to-door. I would get 45% commission on anything I sell. I would be an independent contractor. The only committment is the 4-week training period - they pay for a Greyhound ticket for me to go there (they are currently in Michigan), and they give me $20 each day. I get to learn all sorts of marketing and sales and interpersonal skills (super good for any resume..) After that period, I can decide to go home (they pay for a ticket back) or stay and work on the team. They stay in nice hotels and travel by car/van/SUV.

The woman I talked to was very friendly. She said that her daughter has been doing it for 4 years and loves it. I guess the guy who runs it used to work for some of the other companies like this, and was disappointed in how badly they ran things and how shady it all was... and so he decided to start his own company but do it the right way, and treat employees well, et cetera. She said that while they had lots of fun, they were pretty strict about their no drugs/no alcohol if under 21 policy, and if anyone gets caught doing those things then they are sent home.

Basically, there is no application or anything. I just call her when I'm ready to leave and I get a ticket and go.

She encouraged me to do some research/background checks on the company, which I fully intend to do.. I looked at their website and it is, uh, not the most professional looking thing (she did warn me, though, that the website was still being developed). Otherwise I can't find anything else about them online.

It sounds shady.. too good to be true... fuck, it sounds kinda CULTish. But I would LOVE to just pack up my shit and travel the country, and getting paid for it would just be an added bonus.

So.. what do you think? Does it have potential, or should I stay as far away from it as possible?
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