- (theevilp0ptart) wrote in thequestionclub,

So let's say that you are given your work schedule on a Saturday for the following week, which begins on Monday and will end the following Sunday. Your work schedule says that you work on Monday from 12am to 4am. Would you think that you would work that Monday morning from 12am to 4am or what is considered Monday night which is technically Tuesday from 12am to 4am?

You see, I took it as early Monday morning 12am to 4am. I even asked the lady I was working with then to check it. She said it looked like it was that morning and I had it right, but the person I was supposed to be working with wasn't there and it could have been that night. So I called in the next morning to ask and the person I called looked and said I didn't have to because I was listed unavailable on Tuesday. Did 12am Tuesday suddenly become a Monday and I did not get the memo or are they in the wrong here??
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