:) (tin_foil_hat) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which is your best side?

What are the steps of your skincare regime?
Is it working well for you?

What do you call the large unit that cooks your food?

Do you feel your life is too easy and thus boring sometimes?

1. Right

2. It used to be: Wash with soap. Dry with clean towel. But I've started to do a cleanser thing, and am supposed to use a toner and moisturiser and I think maybe this is just crazy shit someone made up to make people spend a lot of money. It's all new so I don't know if it's working well or not.

3. The oven, generally, because that's what makes up most of the mass of the unit.

4. Not with many things, but my aforementioned unit is now working again & I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't have more time where I had to be creative and make meals without it. (Last night I steamed veggies in the top of the rice cooker and had carrots, beans and tinned chickpeas on brown rice with soy sauce, it was quite surprisingly tasty).My life may have sucked a lot more when I was poor, but I did get to make meals out of the few ingredients I could get with my $4 that week, and inventing new ways to fix things with duct tape and string.
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