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  • Questions for all the hetero men:
    What was your first relationship like? How old were you? How did you handle the new experiences, getting to know a girl's body, etc? Were you giggly, eager, horny, shy, aggressive, clueless? Suppose this was someone you really liked, but she was more experienced than you. Knowing you were new to everything sexual, she opened herself up to you and said you could do and try anything you wanted with her. Would you jump at the chance? What would you do first? Would those thoughts or urges come instinctively? What would your instinctive reaction be if a girl took her shirt off in front of you? If she offered you a blowjob?

  • Questions for all the hetero women:
    Is a man worth the effort of investment if he doesn't seem to show any passion? Suppose he likes you, but seems to take a prepubescent attitude toward the relationship as if love was merely holding hands, kissing, and frolicking happily. What would you do if the man you were dating didn't seem to 'want' you in that girlfriend way? What if you did, said, and suggested everything possible, but he still held back physically even if you all but threw yourself at him? Would you stick around and muster the patience to teach him, even if he didn't seem to want to learn?

  • Questions for both sexes:
    Is passion necessary for a successful relationship? I'm not talking unbridled passion, but being passionate about loving someone, or wanting someone, or wanting ANYTHING. Where does one draw the line where a relationship is more than just clicking well, or being on the same wavelength? What do you expect when you date someone, that you usually require in order for the relationship to work?
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