Ilona (kittenbabe) wrote in thequestionclub,

What would you do in this situation?

You're a kinda spoiled 19 year old girl. Home from college for a summer but completly unhappy being here. The main problem being the father who has always had anger management and yells at you practically every other day for something trivial, such us not wanting to eat a dish at dinner that you don't like (not even making a big deal about it, just saying, "No thank you, no chicken for me, I'll just have some of the salad and rice." then having to hear a lecture all through dinner how you don't apreciate the food the parents provide) or writing down a phone number somewhat sloppily (the person on the phone was speaking fast so I wrote down a 0 instead of a 6 then just wrote over it to make the 0 look like a 6.) and being called stupid for not having perfect handwriting.

For the most part, you can go about your daily life avoiding your father or being nice and polite as not to start a fight, but at times it seems like he goes out of his way to yell at you or belittle you.

One day, you decide to drive back to go to the town you went to school in to visit a friend. It's 500 miles but you've driven back and forth a number of times during the year. When you try to leave you get told by your parents that's it too far and that you can't go and your car keys are taken away. Technically it's the parents car, as it's in their name.

At this point, wanting as much to see the friend as to be out of this house for a few days, you decide to fly, but you are told that it's to expensive. You insist, saying that you will use your own savings, but you are told that if you leave, you might as well move out and that the parents won't support you in any way.

You have about $5000 in savings, that you don't particularly want to spend, because you'll need that money in the fall for school and for rent. You can possibly stay with the friend mentioned before, but only for a couple of weeks at the most. But you don't have a car or a job. And you'd need to find a job and a permanant place to live, soon. And you've never been on your own before.

Or you can stay with your parents for 4 more months.

So, what would you do?
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