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So I got this e-mail from "service@yahoo.com" at my yahoo account. It went to my bulk folder automatically though, which makes me think it probably isn't an official e-mail?

Anyway, before I realized that I opened the e-mail and it said, subject line "*IMPORTANT* Your Account Has Been Locked"

"We have suspended some of your email services, to resolve the problem
you should read the attached document."

it has an attachment, needless to say.

Is this some sort of virus? have I already gotten it by opening the e-mail even though I haven't touched the attachment? or could it be legit?

Edit: I also got a similar e-mail immediately beforehand from "admin@yahoo.com", also to my bulk folder, subject line "Your email account access is restricted" with body "To safeguard your email account from possible termination, please see
the attached file."

another attachment. it's a zip. the first one was a zip too.

Edit 2: Thanks everyone, I sent on to abuse, hopefully it all gets cleared up!
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