Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

OK I just got really frustrated and yelled at my computer, and my guinea pigs ran into their houses, chattering at me. ;o) I figure it's time to get some help from thequestionclub!

I'm trying to set up a My Yahoo! page, and I'm trying to create a module which will monitor my Yahoo! groups and put the most recent topics on my My Yahoo! page...is this even possible? Like they have the latest headlines from CNN.com and whatnot. I was just trying to get the most recent posts to my Yahoo!Groups to show up on my My Yahoo! page. I tried going to the Add Content page and search for the name of the Yahoo!Group and it isn't finding it at all, even though I know it exists. This is why I hate search engines. ;o) What am I doing wrong? Anyone here Yahoo! savvy and want to help me? :oD
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