Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,


Who remembers rin tin tin?

I vaguely remember the opening sequence and we had a dog named after him "rinny" but otherwise, I have no recollection

Girls: Is your gyno a girl or guy? Do you care either way? why?

I see a girl, I dont think Id have a problem with a guy but when I was choosing I thought of my pediatrician who I was most comfortable with and it was a girl.

Why do you get uncomfortable when a girl talks about her period or other female issues?

Is there a band that you hated before you actually heard them, and once you did you loved them?

For me it was the Ataris. I never liked them, just first reaction but I had never listened to them. As soon as I heard San Dimas HS football rules, I fell in love.

What's the sweetest simple thing someone you were involved with said to you?

My ex and I were in a long distance online relationship, the first day I met him (I was spending 2 weeks with him in CA) we were walking around a park and he interlaced his fingers in mine and said "It fits"

I might be going to see Rocky Horror on friday and the only other time I went to a theater for RHPs I was way into it and dressed up as columbia. Im not doing that this time, so what would one wear that isnt a costume to RHPS?

yea...Im all out
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